FAQs Covid-19

Is the hygiene officer expected to attend or likely to attend matches to enforce the hygiene rules or is that the responsibility of the home team captain?

The Hygiene Officer for the league is an advisory role and Kathy McIntyre will not be attending each match to enforce guidelines/rules. The home team is responsible for ensuring that Covid-19 safety measures are in place. All players are responsible for adhering to them.

Is the home team captain responsible for organising the cleaning of all the tables etc before and after each match?

Each team should have a person who is the COVID-19 Officer to make sure the tables and equipment are cleaned before and after matches. The team captain may lead on this, but the team collectively have responsibility for this. Regarding wiping down the tables when changing ends between games in matches, the advice is that tables and other equipment is wiped down at the end of matches, before new players enter the court.

When a match is in progress do you change ends after each game and if so does the table need to be cleaned before the second game etc starts?

You can change ends and it would be good practice to do a quick table wipe down, by the player of their own end, before swapping over. It could certainly be easily facilitated and further reduce any Covid-19 transmission risks.

Do the team players have to stagger their arrival time and match times so to avoid close contact?

Regarding staggered arrival times, it would be appropriate for the home team to arrive first and ensure the venue and equipment is cleaned and set up appropriately before the away team arrives. However, if early start is necessary for younger players to play and be away at a reasonable time agreed social distancing will need to be maintained.

Does the home captain have to check each player to ensure he/she has their antibacterial spray?

No, individuals are advised to have their own hand gels and sprays is advisory. Washing hands regularly, soapy sprays for the tables and balls and hand gel available for the umpire. The league may provide teams with hand gel to be used at matches on request. Soapy water in a spray bottle and paper cloth is sufficient to wipe down the tables and equipment.
Check with your venues as to what they are going to provide as many may have gels and sprays available.

Who is responsible for registration of track and trace and who are the track and trace details submitted to?

Track and Trace forms/details should be kept by the team/club for 21 days. By default, once a match is played and results submitted, we will have a record of who was playing. It is important for teams/club to keep a record of who was present not just those playing. Sample forms for track and trace are available on Table Tennis England’s website.

What happens if you are the away team and you travel to a venue where the home team are not complying with the hygiene rules. Is the match then awarded to the away team?

If you arrive at a venue which you feel is unsafe, you should discuss with the team what needs to be put into place to enable the match to take place. If this cannot be resolved, you should agree to postpone the match and contact the league admin to explain what has happened.

The rules explain only 3 people in playing area and only one spectator? How does that affect the matches in 3rd Division where there are Children playing in the matches and parents attending to support them?

Parents escorting children in any division fall into the areas of Non-playing persons. These must be kept to the minimum and must wear a mask throughout the time they are present and remain socially distanced from the other participants. If this is not possible the parent can be asked to wait in the car or outside of the room.

When players are not actually playing, are they required to wear a mask?

When players are not playing they should be socially distanced and it is advised that they wear a mask after recovering from the physical exertion. Any shared chairs should be wiped down between persons using them and the umpires chair and equipment should also be wiped down at the end of a match when the umpire changes.

Do we have to be finished and cleared away by 10pm?

Sports venues without a bar or café can stay open all night so time limits are unlikely to be impacted by the 10pm rule. Where venues are at venues with a bar or café that is being opened to the public the 10pm rule will apply. Given that doubles are not being played, time issues should not be a problem. Where time is an issue, the expedite rule should be used to manage game lengths. A number of our venues are restricted in time and space therefore it is imperative players arrive on time where possible. Additionally, knocking up should be limited and start the matches asap.

Can we use the same ball during a match?

Yes, players can now share one ball, but it should be cleaned after each match. It is sensible to have a pre sanitised ball available for each new match to avoid delay in it’s start.