Division One
1935-36 Whitwell Old Boys Warsop Coll Inst
1936-37 Whitwell CLB Whitwell Old Boys
1937-38 Conservative Club Whitwell CLB
1938-39 Boys Club Conservative Club
1939-46 League Suspended Due To World War 2
1946-47 Boys Club A Gateford Road Hostel
1947-48 Boys Club A CWS A
1948-49 Cricket Club Boys Club A
1949-50 Cricket Club A CWS Alpha
1950-51 Whitwell MW A CWS A
1951-52 CWS A Whitwell MW A
1952-53 Oates A Boys Club OB
1953-54 Oates A Swan Inn
1954-55 Kings Men Whitwell A
1955-56 Kings Men Whitwell Monarch
1956-57 Kings Men Manton A
1957-58 CWS A Priory YC A
1958-59 Manton A CWS A
1959-60 Rhodesia MW CWS A
1960-61 Rhodesia MW CWS A
1961-62 Rhodesia MW Kiveton Park A
1962-63 Rhodesia MW MPNI
1963-64 MPNI Rhodesia MW
1964-65 Shireoaks MW CWS A
1965-66 Anston Taverners
1966-67 Central YC A Anston
1967-68 Central YC A Anston
1968-69 Central YC A Central YC B
1969-70 (Prem) Central YC A Norlen Sports
1970-71 Portland A CWS A
1971-72 Portland A Anston Wel A
1972-73* Kingsway YC A Cricket Club A
1973-74 Valley A Anston Wel A
1974-75 Kingsway YC A Valley A
1975-76 Rhodesia B Rhodesia A
1976-77 Rhodesia Kiveton YC
1977-78 Ollerton Genefax A
1978-79** Ollerton Anston Wel A
1979-80 Anston Welfare A Genefax A
1980-81 Unbrako A Cricket Club A
1981-82 Unbrako A Cricket Club A
1982-83 Unbrako A CWSA
1983-84 CWS A Genefax
1984-85 Unbrako A Genefax
1985-86 Unbrako CWS
1986-87 Genefax A Genefax B
1987-88 Bassetlaw Hospital Genefax A
1988-89 Carlton YC A Cricket Club A
1989-90 Carlton YC A Unbrako
1990-91 Priory Carpets Carlton YC A
1991-92 Priory Carpets A Rockware A
1992-93 Priory Carpets A Riverside
1993-94 Priory Carpets Design House A
1994-95 Sports Centre A Priory Carpets A
1995-96 Priory Carpets A ARC
1996-97 Rockware A ARC
1997-98 Priory Carpets A Rockware A
1998-99 Rockware A Priory Carpets A
1999-00 Priory Carpets A Priory Carpets B
2000-01 Priory Carpets A Priory Carpets B
2001-02 M.B.E Priory Carpets A
2002-03 Rockware A Rockware B
2003-04 Rockware A Redlands 'A'
2004-05 Rockware Rhodesia A
2005-06 Rockware A Rhodesia Lions
2006-07 Redlands Roosters Redlands Fluffy Toys
2007-08 Redlands Humpties Redlands Roosters
2008-09 Redlands Humpties Redlands Roosters
2009-10 Redlands Fluffy Toys MBE
2010-11 Redlands Fluffy Toys Rhodesia Lions
2011-12 Redlands Fluffy Toys Zygabyte 'A'
2012-13 Redlands Fluffy Toys Zygabyte
2013-14 Redlands Fluffy Toys MBE
2014-15 Redlands Fluffy Toys MBE
2015-16 Redlands Roosters Redlands Fluffy Toys
2016-17 Redlands Roosters Worksop Miners Welfare A
2017-18 Redlands Roosters Redlands Monsters
2018-19 Redlands Monsters Worksop Miners Welfare
2019-20 Worksop Miners Welfare Clowne A
* Kingsway YC A won the title after a play off with Cricket Club A
** Ollerton won the title after a play off with Anston Welfare A

Division Two
1949-50 FirbeckColliery CWSTheta
1950-51 WalesPYC WhitwellCLB
1953-54 Boys Club RAF B
1954-55 Langold A Boys Club B
1955-56 Manton CL Wales C
1956-57 Priory YCA Manton B
1958-59 Manton B Oates B
1959-60 Portland B Club Welsey Rend
1960-61 Anston Oates B
1961-62 Anston A Welsey Rend
1962-63 Dormer A Kilton
1963-64 Genefax Kingsway B
1964-65 Haggonfields A Kingsway C
1965-66 Denniff A CWS A
1966-67 CWS B Descaling A
1967-68 Central YC Descaling B
1968-69 Shireoaks B Descaling B
1969-70(Div1) Shireoaks MW Denniff A
1970-71 CWS B KBS Sports
1971-72 Denniff Portland B
1972-73 CWS A AnstonWel C
1973-74 Kingsway CWSB
1974-75 Genefax A KivetonYC
1975-76 Anston B CWS B
1976-77 Steetley A Genefax A
1977-78 CWS B Steetley B
1978-79 Anston Wel B Stowells A
1979-80 Genefax B Anston YC
1980-81 Genefax C Unbrako C
1981-82 Steetley A Kilton Hospital
1982-83 CWS B Cricket Club B
1983-84 Unbrako B Batchelors A
1984-85 CWS B Gerhard Moeller
1985-86 Genefax B Cricket Club B
1986-87 Sports Centre A Cricket Club B
1987-88 Genefax C Gerhard Moeller B
1988-89 Cricket Club B Genefax
1989-90 Carlton YCB Carlton YCE
1990-91 Cricket Club Exiles Sports Centre B
1991-92 Carlton YCOB Rockware B
1992-93 Rockware B Design House
1993-94 Rhodesia A KlocknerMoeller B
1994-95 Rockware B CarltonGreys B
1995-96 Rhodesia B SportsCentre B
1996-97 Manton MWB SportsCentre B
1997-98 Rockware B Manton MWC
1998-99 Rockware B Fire Station C
1999-00 Priory Carpets C Manton MWC
2000-01 Rockware B Manton MWC and Fire Station B
2001-02 Manton MWB Manton MWC
2002-03 Rhodesia Fire Station B
2003-04 Fire Station B Manton MWC
2004-05 Manton MWA Manton MWC
2005-06 Manton Sports Redlands Juniors
2006-07 Carlton Rovers Notawarded
2007-08 Manton Sports Mr T's Allstars
2008-09 Redlands Runners Redlands Morris Men
2009-10 Redlands Outsiders Ryton Park Bees
2010-11 Ryton Park Bees Redlands Academicals
2011-12 Redlands Joggers Redlands Morris Men
2012-13 Stanley Street'A' Redlands Red Bulls
2013-14 Stanley Street'B' Redlands Joggers
2014-15 Manton Nomads Ryton Park Eagles
2015-16 Redlands Monsters Worksop Miners Welfare'B'
2016-17 Redlands X-Youth Redlands Joggers
2017-18 Sparken Hill Vultures Worksop Welfare Snipers
2018-19 Worksop Welfare Snipers B Stanley Street B
2019-20 Clowne C Sparken Hill Eagles

Division Three
1962-63 Dormer B Haggonfields
1963-64 CWS C Kingsway C
1964-65 Denniff CWS C
1965-66 CWS B Central YC B
1966-67 Descaling B Brewery A
1967-68 Denniff C Dormer B
1968-69 Descaling C Glass Bulbs B
1969-70 Denniff B Kingsway B
1970-71 Portland B Dinnington YC
1971-72 Kingsway B Anston Wel D
1972-73 Anston YC B Dyscarr YYC A
1973-74 Kiveton YC Three Hills
1974-75 CWS B Trailers B
1975-76 Valley YC C Genefax B
1976-77 Steetley B Glass Bulbs B
1977-78 Genefax C Valley YC B
1978-79 Anston YC Dinnington YC
1979-80 Genefax D Dormer A
1980-81 Anston YC B CWS D
1981-82 Wanderers Cricket Club C
1982-83 Unbrako D Cricket Club C
1983-84 Batchelors C CWS D
1984-85 Sports Centre Glass Bulbs
1985-86 Glass Bulbs Sports Centre B
1986-87 Genefax D Cricket Club D
1987-88 Carlton YC A Carlton YC B
1988-89 Carlton YC G Glass Bulbs
1990-91 Wellow House A Rhodesia YC A
1991-92 Carlton YC D Carlton YC C
1992-93 Redlands Juniors Wellow House A
1993-94 Carlton YC B Wellow House
1994-95 Harthill Juniors B Harthill Juniors A
1995-96 Fire Station Redlands C
1996-97 Redlands C Redlands B
1997-98 Fire Station Blazers Fire Station Babes
1998-99 Wellow House A Redlands C
2008-09 Redlands Academicals Ryton Park Cougars
2009-10 Carlton Rovers Redlands Tarr Babies
2010-11 Redlands Echidnas Stanley Street B
2011-12 Stanley Street B Redlands Allsorts
2012-13 Redlands X-Youth Redlands Tarr Babies
2013-14 Redlands Tarr Babies Stanley Street C
2014-15 Stanley Street D Stanley Street Cypriots
2015-16 Redlands Rookies On-Line Elks
2016-17 Sparken Hill Blue Jays Worksop Welfare Cypriots A
2017-18 Sparken Hill Falcons Worksop Welfare Harriers B
2018-19 Redlands Rookies Sparken Hill Hawks
2019-20 Sparken Hill Falcons Sparken Hill Hawks

Mike Tunningley Handicap Shield
1987-88 CWS Genefax C
1988-89 Carlton Youth Club A Rockware
1989-90 Carlton Youth Club B Rockware
1990-91 Manton Miners Welfare B Priory Carpets
1991-92 Priory Carpets A Gerhard Moeller A
1992-93 Riverside Sports Centre A
1993-94 Priory Carpets Design House A
1994-95 Redlands D Priory Carpets A
1995-96 Redlands D Rockware A
1996-97 Fire Station C Carlton Rovers
1997-98 M.B.E Rhodesia B
1998-99 Redlands C Rockware B
1999-00 Redlands C Rockware
2000-01 Priory Carpets A Manton Miners Welfare C
2001-02 M.B.E Manton Miners Welfare B
2002-03 Manton Miners Welfare C Redlands A
2003-04 Redlands C Redlands B
2004-05 Redlands E Redlands F
2005-06 Redlands Ollies Redlands Juniors
2006-07 Joint winners Ryton Park Dragons & Redlands Fluffy Toys
2007-08 Ardagh Glass B Redlands Humpties
2008-09 Redlands Fluffy Toys Mr T's Allstars
2009-10 MBE Manton Tigers
2010-11 Ryton Park Bees Redlands Runners
2011-12 Ryton Park Cougars Ryton Park Adders
2012-13 Redlands Tarr Babies Zygabytes
2014-15 Stanley Street Cypriots On-Line Elks
2015-16 Ryton Park Falcons Redlands Monsters
2016-17 Sparken Hill Falcons Sparken Hill Blue Jays
2017-18 Sparken Hill Hawks Redlands Demolition Men
2018-19 Sparken Hill Nightingales Redlands Rovers
2019-20 No Winners* No Runners Up*

*Competition Not Completed Due To Coronavirus

David Hooton Handicap Trophy (Division One Teams)
1994-95 Priory Carpets A Sports Centre A
1995-96 Priory Carpets A Rhodesia A
1996-97 Priory Carpets B Rhodesia Rangers
1997-98 Priory Carpets B C.M.C. Rhodesia A
1998-99 Priory Carpets A MBE
1999-00 Priory Carpets A Priory Carpets B
2000-01 Priory Carpets A Redlands A
2001-02 Rockware A Priory Carpets A
2002-03 Rockware A Rockware B
2003-04 Rhodesia A Rockware B
2004-05 Rockware Redlands B
2005-06 Rockware A Redlands Fluffy Toys
2006-07 Rockware A Redlands Reprobates
2007-08 MBE Redlands Humpties
2008-09 MBE Ryton Park Adders
2009-10 Redlands Outlaws Ryton Park Adders
2010-11 Stanley Street 'A' MBE
2011-12 Redlands Roosters Redlands Fluffy Toys
2012-13 Redlands Roosters Redlands Fluffy Toys
2013-14 Redlands Roosters MBE
2014-15 Stanley Street A MBE
2015-16 Stanley Street A Ryton Park Eagles
2016-17 Redlands Fluffy Toys Stanley Street 'A'
2017-18 Sparken Hill Buzzards Worksop Miners Welfare
2018-19 Stanley Street A Worksop Welfare Snipers A
2019-20 No Winners* No Runners Up*

*Competition Not Completed Due To Coronavirus

Reg Wilcox Handicap Trophy (Division Two Teams)
2005-06 Redlands Ollies Redlands Morris Men
2006-07 Redlands Tarr Babies Rhodesia Tigers
2007-08 Mr T's Allstars Redlands Morris Men
2008-09 Mr T's Allstars Carlton Rovers
2019-10 Redlands Morris Men Manton Sports
2010-11 Redlands Joggers Ryton Park Eagles
2011-12 Manton Sports Manton Tigers
2012-13 Manton Tigers Manton Sports
2013-14 Redlands Joggers Stanley Street 'B'
2014-15 Manton Sports Stanley Street 'C'
2015-16 Redlands Monsters Redlands Joggers
2016-17 Redlands X-Youth Worksop Welfare Snipers 'B'
2017-18 Worksop Welfare Harriers A Manton Sports
2018-19 Carlton X-Youth Stanley Street B
2019-20 No Winners* No Runners Up*

*Competition Not Completed Due To Coronavirus

MBE Handicap Trophy (Division Three Teams)
2008-09 Redlands Tarr Babies Redlands Academicals
2009-10 Redlands Rookies Redlands Ollies
2010-11 Stanley Street 'B' Centre For Sport
2011-12 Redlands Tarr Babies Redlands Allsorts
2012-13 Redlands X-Youth Redlands Rookies
2013-14 Stanley Street 'C' Stanley Street Cypriots
2014-15 Redlands Tarr Babies On-Line Elks
2015-16 Ryton Park Falcons Redlands Rookies
2016-17 Redlands Tarr Babies Worksop Welfare Cypriots 'A'
2017-18 Sparken Hill Hawks Sparken Hill Falcons
2018-19 Redlands Rookies Sparken Hill Blue Jays
2019-20 No Winners* No Runners Up*

*Competition Not Completed Due To Coronavirus

Carnation Cup
1981-82 J. Lenthall/L. Cochrane A. Firth/R. Smithies
1982-83 D. Ajeto/G. Kemp I. Bailey/P. Fisher
1983-84 D. Ajeto/E. Beeston A. Firth/P. Fisher
1984-85 Batchelors A Genefax
1985-86 Genefax B CWS
1986-87 Genefax B Cricket Club C
1987-88 D. Ajeto/P. Joyce P. Davison/S. Rafferty
1988-89 P. Davison/P. Joyce J. Gazeley/D. Friel
1989-90 P. Davison/D. Hamilton G. Lee/M. Bloomer
1990-91 G. Lee/M. Short P. Davison/J. McClellan
1991-92 S. Hooley/D. Folger S. Lee/G. Evans
1992-93 M. Tunningley/C. Taylor S. Smith/G. Evans
1993-94 G. Evans/D. Gascoyne S. Smith/C. Gascoyne
1994-95 S. Harrison/N. Farrall N. Davison/K. Monks
1995-96 D. Ajeto/D. Roberts C. Taylor/R. Eyre
1996-97 S. Smith/J. Clark S. Lee/R. Eyre
1997-98 D. Ajeto/B. Parker S. Lee/D. Parker
1998-99 C. Mokes/C. Stones G. Green/K. Smith
1999-00 P. Fisher/R. Wesley A. Wilson/T. Wesley
2000-01 R. Wesley/G. White M. Short/J. Tweed
2001-02 M. Dodds/P. Eyre T. Wesley/G. White
2002-03 R. Wesley/J. McClellan S. Perks/S. Elkin
2003-04 P. Eyre/B. Shahidi S. Elkin/L. Ripley
2004-05 R. Wesley/R. Smith P. Eyre/J.Thursby
2005-06 Shaun Lee/Jack Tarr Steve Walker/Adrian Lee
2006-07 Sam Walker/L. Dickinson J. Thursby/L. Pingree  
2007-08 R. Kemp/P. Eyre Steve Walker/R. Snowden
2008-09 J. Macdonald/T. Moore N. Stent/O. Shutt
2009-10 P. Eyre/M. Lemon A. Lee/M. Williams
2010-11 J. Hallgarth/J. Kirkland J. Macdonald/G. Scott
2011-12 Shared - N. Stent/J. Kirkland J. Hallgarth/R. Rodda
2012-13 S. Short/D. Rix T. McIntosh/C. Eden
2013-14 T. McIntosh/A. Hamilton N. Stent/D. Cutts
2014-15 A. Lee/G. Makrakis O. Riauba/J. Reay
2015-16 P. Eyre/C. Cutts B. Swain/P. Hodgson
2016-17 J. Reay/N. Stent M. Sansom/K. Wilson
2017-18 K. Lakhani/P. Bradford C. Eden/L. Barraclough
2018-19 S. Hooley/H. Clarke A. Kirkland/I. Stallworthy
2019-20 D. Lee/C. Bettley D. Marsh/G. Stent

DTH Senior Doubles
1990-91 D. Gascoyne/P. Eades P Fisher/M. Cooper
1991-92 P. Barnett/K. Monks A. Lee/R. Smith
1992-93 P. Barnett/K. Monks J. Lowde/D. Gascoyne
1993-94 M. Bartrop/J. McClellan S. Harrison/G. Green
1994-95 J. Westwood/G. Garlick D. Ajeto/P. Middleton
1995-96 R. Vaughan/P. Allison K. Lakhani/P. Eyre
1996-97 D. Ajeto/J. McClellan M. Vesey/K. Smith
1997-98 M. Short/J. Eyre C. Mokes/S. Beeston
1998-99 C. Mokes/K. Smith C. Newton/J. McClellan
1999-00 M. Vesey/J. McClellan K. Smith/D. Marsh
2000-01 M. Short/D. Lee J. Hallgarth/K. Smith
2001-02 P. Eyre/J. Lowde A. Duffy/A. Lee
2002-03 P. Allison/P. Fisher J. Lowde/A. Lee
2003-04 P. Eyre/A. Wilson J. Lowde/A. Lee
2004-05 M. Lemon/J. Lowde P. Eyre/J. Tarr
2005-06 C. Cattell/D. Caudwell S. Walker/J .McClellan
2006-07 M. Lemon/C. Cutts H. Osbourne/J. McClellan
2007-08 M. Short/J. McClellan P. Eyre/R. Kemp
2008-09 J. Else/M. Lemon J. Lowde/J. Hallgarth
2009-10 P. Eyre/M. Lemon J. Zygadlo/J. Lowde
2010-11 R. Wesley/G. Williams T. Wesley/J. McClellan
2011-12 N. Stent/K. Smith M. Lemon/A. Kirkland
2012-13 A. Lee/A. Olliffe T. Curran/J. Reay
2013-14 J. Hallgarth/K. Smith R. Vaughan/A. Olliffe
2014-15 J. Hallgarth/C. Eden K. Lakhani/A. Kirkland
2015-16 P. Hodgson/A. Kirkland R. Vaughan/C. Cutts
2016-17 K. Lakhani/C. Tilstone I. Guilliatt/D. Piper
2017-18 M. Sansom/M. Potter J. Wormwell/P. Bradford
2018-19 M. Sansom/D. Saul J. Reay/M. Fisher
2019-20 T. Emmerson/K. McIntyre K. Lakhani/J. McIntyre

Hard Bat
1989-90 J. Gazeley R. Sly
1991-92 P. Clarke K. Monks
1992-93 P. Clarke C. Taylor
1993-94 P. Clarke D. Ajeto
1994-95 P. Clarke S. Needham
1995-96 P. Clarke L. Durrant
1996-97 S. Smith C. Cattell
1997-98 M. Short D. Smedley
1998-99 P. Eyre S. Smith
1999-00 P. Clarke  
2001-02 J. Gazeley M. Bell
2002-03 Steve Walker Dave Piper
2003-04 P. Eyre H. Knott
2004-05 Steve Walker R. Harris
2005-06 M. Dodds R. Wesley
2006-07 J. Gazeley M. Bell
2007-08 J. Gazeley L. Webster
2008-09 J. Gazeley Steve Walker
2009-10 M. Stanfield P. Eyre
2010-11 P. Eyre D. Capewell
2011-12 R. Wesley P. Eyre
2012-13 J. Kirkland P. Eyre
2013-14 P. Cowburn P. Eyre
2014-15 P. Eyre J.Reay
2015-16 P. Eyre R. Vaughan
2016-17 P. Eyre S. Element
2017-18 P. Eyre R. Vaughan
2018-19 J. Kirkland R. Vaughan
2019-20 P. Eyre J. Kirkland

Worksop Masters
2016-17 E. Mpundu T. McIntosh
2017-18 R. Element V. Riauba
2018-19 P. Cowburn O. Riauba

Open Singles
1937-38 Reg Wilcox A. Howe
1938-39 Doug Bennett E. Merril
1946-47 Doug Bennett M. Thomas
1947-48 Doug Bennett Roy Heeley
1948-49 Bill Cotton I. Ettinger
1949-50 M. Thomas Player Unknown
1950-51 Bill Cotton Player Unknown
1951-52 Bill Cotton George Hall
1952-53 Tommy Brown Derek Booth
1953-54 F. Richardson Tommy Brown
1954-55 J. Green D. Miller
1955-56 Brian Welsey D. Miller
1956-57 Roy Heeley Player Unknown
1957-58 George Hall Roy Heeley
1958-59 Roy Heeley George Hall
1959-60 Tommy Brown Player Unknown
1960-61 Tommy Brown Douglas Storer
1961-62 Dennis Bembridge Douglas Storer
1962-63 Geoff Pridmore Dennis Bembridge
1963-64 Peter Kenyon Player Unknown
1964-65 Tommy Brown Player Unknown
1965-66 Tommy Brown Jack Tarr
1966-67 Player Unknown Player Unknown
1967-68 Player Unknown Player Unknown
1968-69 Phillip Spencer Peter Kenyon
1969-70* Phillip Spencer Peter Kenyon
1970-71 Phillip Spencer Brian Whitfield
1971-72 Phillip Spencer Player Unknown
1972-73 Phillip Spencer Peter Kenyon
1973-74 Phillip Spencer Peter Kenyon
1974-75 Phillip Spencer Peter Kenyon
1975-76 Phillip Spencer Terry Moran
1976-77 Terry Moran Mick Bell
1977-78 Terry Moran Mick Bell
1978-79 Mick Bell Neil Bailey
1979-80 Paul Clarke John Lenthall
1980-81 Neil Bailey Paul Clarke
1981-82 Paul Clarke John Lenthall
1982-83 Paul Clarke Dale Ajeto
1983-84 Paul Clarke Mick Bell
1984-85 Paul Clarke Peter Colbrook
1985-86 Paul Clarke Dale Ajeto
1986-87 Dale Ajeto Stephen Harrison
1987-88 Stephen Harrison Dale Ajeto
1988-89 John Gazeley Shaun Lee
1989-90 Paul Clarke Paul Davison
1990-91 Mick Bartrop Paul Davison
1991-92 Paul Clarke Mick Bartrop
1992-93 Mick Bell Mick Bartrop
1993-94 Dale Ajeto Mick Bartrop
1994-95 Stephen Harrison Mark Short
1995-96 Dale Ajeto James Brown
1996-97 Tim Simpson Mick Bartrop
1997-98 Mark Short Craig Gascoyne
1998-99 Mick Bartrop Sarah Smith
1999-00 Sarah Smith Paul Clarke
2000-01 Richard Wesley Paul Clarke
2001-02 Craig Gascoyne John Gazeley
2002-03 Craig Gascoyne Richard Wesley
2003-04 Craig Gascoyne Richard Wesley
2004-05 Craig Gascoyne Steve Walker
2005-06 Craig Gascoyne Richard Wesley
2006-07 Damien Piper Mark Stanfield
2007-08 Jason Ramage Sam Walker
2008-09 Sam Walker Jason Ramage
2009-10 Richard Wesley Mick Bell
2010-11 Richard Wesley Thomas Wesley
2011-12 Richard Wesley Isobel Ashley
2012-13 Richard Wesley Chris Cattell
2013-14 Richard Wesley Peter Cowburn
2014-15 Richard Element Tom McIntosh
2015-16 Ernest Mpundu Tom McIntosh
2016-17 Richard Element Ernest Mpundu
2017-18 Ernest Mpundu Valentinas Riauba
2018-19 John Davies Ernest Mpundu
2019-20 Richard Element Ernest Mpundu

Open Doubles - B Shipside Trophy
1937-38 A. Godber/A. Howe R. Townhill/G. Malthouse
1938-39 D. Bennett/R. Oldfield R. Townhill/E. Merrill
1946-47 K. Gladwell/J. Neal R. Oldfield/Barrass
1947-48 W. Cotton/R. Oldfield Players Unknown
1948-49 T. Brown/E. Knight M. Thomas/D. Simons
1949-50 D. Bennett/R. Mountain Players Unknown
1950-51 T. Brown/D. Booth Players Unknown
1951-52 T. Brown/D. Booth G. Collins/R. Ward
1952-53 T. Brown/D. Booth R. Webster/M. Thomas
1953-54 R. Webster/M. Thomas T. Brown/D. Booth
1954-55 T. Brown/D. Booth D. Miller/Griffin
1955-56 T. Brown/D. Booth D. Simons/R. Heeley
1956-57 T. Brown/W. Cotton Players Unknown
1957-58 P. Hull/B. Wesley Players Unknown
1958-59 R. Heeley/T. Moran D. Wells/K. Deighton
1959-60 T. Brown/B. Wesley Players Unknown
1960-61 D. Bembridge/R. Heeley C. Beresford/B. Lenton
1961-62 T. Brown/J. Tarr P. Hull/L. Manning
1962-63 T. Brown/J. Tarr A. White/R. Heeley
1963-64 D. Bembridge/B. Wesley P. Kenyon/P. Revill
1964-65 T. Brown/J. Tarr Players Unknown
1965-66 L. Manning/A. Brammer P. Spencer/S. Cox
1966-67 L. Manning/A. Brammer Players Unknown
1967-68 L. Manning/A. Brammer Players Unknown
1968-69 P. Kenyon/P. Imeson B. Whitfield/B. Shippey
1969-70* P. Kenyon/P. Imeson T. Brown/B. Whitfield
1970-71 T. Brown/B. Whitfield P. Kenyon/P. Imeson
1971-72 Players Unknown Players Unknown
1972-73 P. Spencer/T. Moran T. Brown/B. Whitfield
1973-74 P. Spencer/T. Moran P. Kenyon/P. Imeson
1974-75 T. Moran/M. Bell P. Kenyon/P. Imeson
1975-76 T. Moran/M. Bell T. Brown/B. Whitfield
1976-77 T. Moran/M. Bell P. Wakefield/P. Clarke
1977-78 T. Moran/M. Bell P. Wakefield/P. Clarke
1978-79 T. Moran/M. Bell J. Lenthall/K. Gascoyne
1979-80 T. Moran/M. Bell P. Wakefield/P. Clarke
1980-81 N. Bailey/D. Ajeto P. Clarke/P. Wakefield
1981-82 M. Bell/J. Lenthall P. Clarke/D. Ajeto
1982-83 P. Clarke/D. Ajeto M. Bell/P. Allison
1983-84 P. Clarke/D. Ajeto M. Bell/P. Kenyon
1984-85 M. Bartrop/P. Colbrook M. Vesey/R. Smithies
1985-86 P. Clarke/M. Bartrop D. Ajeto/P. Mitchell
1986-87 S. Parkinson/M. Bartrop A. Lee/S. Lee
1987-88 D. Ajeto/P. Mitchell K. Alvey/J. Gazeley
1988-89 M. Bartrop/C. Oldman M. Vesey/B. Higgins
1989-90 J. Gazeley/D. Valente P. Davison/M. Vesey
1990-91 P. Davison/D. Gascoyne P. Colbrook/K. Bloomfield
1991-92 P. Colbrook/K. Bloomfield M. Bartrop/S. Smith
1992-93 M. Bartrop/S. Smith M. Bell/P. Allison
1993-94 D. Ajeto/M. Short M. Bartrop/S. Smith
1994-95 D. Ajeto/M. Padley P. Clarke/M. Bartrop
1995-96 P. Clarke/S. Smith D. Ajeto/C. Taylor
1996-97 M. Vesey/M. Kenny T. Simpson/P. Simpson
1997-98 M. Short/S. Smith D. Ajeto/D. Smedley
1998-99 M. Bartrop/S. Smith P. Eyre/J. Drew
1999-00 P. Clarke/S. Smith M. Vesey/D. Marsh
2000-01 P. Clarke/S. Smith S. Walker/R. Wesley
2001-02 M. Bell/J. Gazeley C. Cattell/J. Garlick
2002-03 M. Bell/C. Gascoyne S. Walker/R. Wesley
2003-04 L. Durrant/S. Perks S. Walker/R. Wesley
2004-05 S. Walker/R. Wesley M. Bell/C. Gascoyne
2005-06 C. Gascoyne/R. Wesley C. Cattell/S. Short
2006-07 J. Gazeley/D. Piper M. Bell/D. Marsh
2007-08 J. Ramage/Sam Walker J. Gazeley/M. Stanfield
2008-09 J. Ramage/Sam Walker Steve Walker/R. Wesley
2009-10 R. Wesley/T. Wesley M. Bell/M. Stansfield
2010-11 R. Wesley/T. Wesey A. Lee/J. Macdonald
2011-12 R. Wesley/T. Wesley I. Ashley/T. Emmerson
2012-13 R. Wesley/T. Wesley A. Lee/P. Cowburn
2013-14 R. Wesley/T. Wesley T. McIntosh/P. Cowburn
2014-15 R. Element/D. Marsh T. McIntosh/K. McIntosh
2015-16 R. Harris/E. Mpundu T. McIntosh/S. Johnson
2016-17 R. Element/S. Johnson J. Kirkland/P. Eyre
2017-18 C. Cattell/F. Anthony V. Riauba/O. Riauba
2018-19 J. Davies/R. Element R. Harris/E. Mpundu
2019-20 R. Element/A. Lee  R. Bowes/J. Zygadlo

Division Two Singles
1953-54 K. Wesley D. Miller
1954-55 R. Gunn E. Barr
1955-56 A. Brammer Jewson
1958-59 J. Tarr K. Shephard
1960-61 P. Imeson T. Byrne
1961-62 M. Pickard J. Lidster
1962-63 D. Piper M. Tunningley
1963-64 J. Westwood A. Justice
1965-66 A. Austerfield B. Gibbs
1968-69 B. Lowe Hibbard
1969-70* E. Moore J. Kirk
1971-72 B. Bateman M. Hazlehurst
1972-73 J. Hall w/o G. Burkenshaw
1973-74 P. Betts S. Griffiths
1974-75 P. Wakefield G. Jenkins
1975-76 P. Betts D. Piper
1976-77 G. Parsons B. Peat
1977-78 B. Bateman M. Bennett
1978-79 G. Harris P. Betts
1979-80 B. Waite V. Wagstaff
1980-81 R. Hudson M. Riley
1981-82 D. Plant M. Tunningley
1982-83 A. Parkin M. Tunningley
1983-84 B. Whitehead M. Vesey
1984-85 S. Cox P. Fisher
1985-86 S. Harrison P. Davison
1986-87 A. Lee S. Lee
1987-88 D. White G. Harris
1988-89 P. Joyce S. Hooley
1989-90 A. Dolby K. Monks
1990-91 M. Short P. Fisher
1991-92 A. Wilson N. Davison
1992-93 C. Taylor S. Dix
1993-94 G.Evans J.Lowde
1994-95 R. Jacobs J. Lowde
1995-96 R. Vaughan S. Norris
1996-97 L. Richards K. Monks
1997-98 L. Richards P. Eyre
1998-99 A. Lee P. Eyre
1999-00 S. Lee P. Eyre
2000-01 D. Piper P. Eyre
2001-02 M. Dodds J. Mcdonald
2002-03 M. Dodds S. Perks
2003-04 P. Eyre S. Elkin
2004-05 Sam Walker A. Wilson
2005-06 J. Thursby C. Mokes
2006-07 A. Wilson D. Learad
2007-08 P. Eyre D. Learad
2008-09 N. Stent P. Eyre
2009-10 J.Zygadlo O. Shutt
2010-11 M. Lemon J. Else
2011-12 D. Learad O. Shutt
2012-13 P. Eyre J. Kirkland
2013-14 L. Dickinson K. McIntosh
2014-15 C. Eden J. Reay
2015-16 M. Riauba P. Hodgson
2016-17 K. Tutter M. Bloomer
2017-18 P. Hodgson R. Vaughan
2018-19 G. Makrakis M. Sansom

Division Two Doubles
1969-70 J. Kirk/S. Vardy J. Kelk/E. Moore
1971-72 J. Hail/ M. Goodwin Starr/ T. Atkin
1972-73 S. Kingston/S. Element P. Betts/T. Thomas
1973-74 E. Twigg/M. Nuttall A. Wass/B. Wesley
1974-75 E. Twigg/M. Nuttall A. Wass/B. Wesley
1975-76 R. Hall/J. Hall K. Swift/B. Peat
1976-77 G. Parsons/E. Twigg D. Broadhurst/M. Bennett
1980-81 M. Vesey/S. Needham D. Engledow
1981-82 P. Allison/P. Tweed N. Davison/M. Otter
1982-83 A. Parkin/I. Bailey N. Davison/M. Otter
1983-84 K. Mayall/P. Woodward J. Davies/B. Whitehead
1984-85 S. Cox/R. Rhodda G. Kemp/I. Stoneham
1985-86 P. Davison/S. Harrison A. Keeling/A. Wilson
1986-87 E. Beeston/J. Davis M. Tunningley/T. Thomas
1987-88 G. Harris/D. White P. Eades/V. Treece
1988-89 R. Firth/V. Treece G. Garlick/M. Rothwell
1989-90 N. Davison/A. Wilson P. Eades/G. Eden
1990-91 P. Fisher/J. Davies R. Kemp/G. Kemp
1991-92 N. Davison/A. Wilson S. Beeston/P. Smith
1992-93 C. Taylor/S. Dix S. Beeston/P. Smith
1993-94 G. Evans/D. Folger N. Davison/A. Wilson
1994-95 S. Norris/R. Jacobs J. Lowde/J. Garlick
1995-96 J. Davis/L. Saffrany L. Durrant/J. McDonald
1996-97 P. Eyre/R. Eyre L. Richards/N. Farrall
1997-98 L. Richards/D. Richards P. Eyre/R. Eyre
1998-99 A. Lee/D. Lee A. Edwards/C. Fowler
1999-00 C. Cattell/J. Garlick D. Piper/P. Gibbons
2000-01 S. Perks/M. Dodds L. Ripley/P. Eyre
2001-02 L. Ripley/P. Eyre S. Elkin/B. Shahidi
2002-03 S. Perks/M. Dodds L. Ripley/P. Eyre
2003-04 S. Elkin/B. Shahidi L. Ripley/P. Eyre
2004-05 M. Lemon/D. Caudwell J. Thursby/O. Titterington
2005-06 J. Thursby/O. Titterington C. Mokes/D. Caudwell
2007-08 J. Tarr/D. Learad K. Bloomfield/D. Jackson
2008-09 P. Eyre/L. Dickinson N. Stent/K. Bloomfield
2009-10 J. Zygadlo/A. Millward J. Else/B. Allen
2012-13 T. McIntosh/S. Johnson A. Millward/P. Linfield
2013-14 P. Linfield/M. Williams K. McIntosh/J. Kirkland
2014-15 J. Reay/A. Olliffe R. Vaughan/S. Elkin
2015-16 N. Stent/P. Hodgson J. Reay/V. Riauba
2016-17 C. Eden/M. Bloomer J. Reay/A. Olliffe
2017-18 N. Stent/P. Hodgson R. Vaughan/S. Elkin
2018-19 M. Sansom/A. Kirkland M. Bloomer/S. Hooley

Division Three Singles
1960-61 D. Piper A. Clayton
1961-62 R. Clayton M. Winn
1962-63 A. White J. Westwood
1963-64 P. Spencer A. Soden
1965-66* K. Saxby A. Austerfield
1968-69* Robottom R. Simpson
1969-70* E. Moore J. Kirk
1970-71* K. Saxby R. King
1972-73* S. Kingston D.V. Olde
1973-74 M. Nuttall B. Wesley
1974-75 D. Eccles P. Betts
1975-76 G. Harris K. Gascoyne
1976-77 M. Bennett D. Broadhurst
1977-78 G. Harris R. Mitchell
1978-79 B. Waite A. Chambers
1979-80 P. Colbrook M. Bartrop
1980-81 T. Thomas J. Davies
1981-82 T. Thomas R. Smithies
1982-83 I. Bailey K. Mayall
1983-84 P. Fisher A. Bell
1984-85 A. Lee S. Lee
1985-86 G. Lee S. Rafferty
1986-87 S. Rafferty S. Beeston
1987-88 D. Hamilton D. Friel
1988-89 S. Smith P. Smith
1990-91 D. Folger P. Smith
1992-93 T. Richardson N. King
1993-94 C. Gascoyne A. Gascoyne
1994-95 C. Gascoyne N. Farrall
1995-96 R. Eyre J. Clarke
1996-97 M. Lemon D. Staff
1997-98 T. Wesley J. Staff
1998-99 G. Yardley M. Layfield
2008-09 M. Lemon L. Bohan
2009-10 A. Wilson D. Piper
2010-11 K. McIntosh L. Bohan
2011-12 T. McIntosh J. Kirkland
2012-13 C. Eden M. Turner
2013-14 J. Budworth D. Cutts
2014-15 G. Stent L. Barraclough
2015-16 Shared between C. Clemson & N. Houghton  
2016-17 F. Saiepour C. Bettley
2017-18 N. Penny L. Barraclough
2018-19 L. Linacre P. Wendon
2019-20 L. Hyde A. Pinches
*Merged With Another Division

Division Three Doubles
1969-70* J. Kirk/S. Vardy J. Kelk/E. Moore
1972-73* S. Kingston/S. Element P. Betts/T. Thomas
1973-74* E. Twigg/M. Nuttall A. Wass/B. Wesley
1974-75* E. Twigg/M. Nuttall A. Wass/B. Wesley
1975-76* R. Hall/J. Hall K. Swift/B. Peat
1976-77* G. Parsons/E. Twigg D. Broadhurst/M. Bennett
1977-78* R. Ball/G. Harris P. Neal/N. Howard
1978-79* A. Chambers/J. Chambers B. Waite/R. Hudson
1979-80* P. Colbrook/D. White M. York/K. Wilson
1980-81 J. Davies/N. Wilkes P. Richardson/L. Cochrane
1981-82 A. Bell/G. Saunders P. Woodward/R. Smithies
1982-83 A. Bell/G. Saunders G. Kemp/I. Stoneham
1983-84 A. Bell/G. Saunders P. Fisher/R. Caudwell
1984-85 R. Kemp/J. McClellan D. Sims/G. Garlick
1985-86 G. Lee/M. Rothwell J. Richardson/T. Wass
1986-87 J. Richardson/T. Wass T. Butkeraitis/J. Parker
1987-88 P. Joyce/J. McCarthy M. Cooper/C. Eden
1988-89 A. Dolby/M. Turner D. Layden/A. Woodward
1990-91 D. Folger/N. King G. Evans/M. Holloway
1992-93 T. Richardson/N. King Walk Over
1993-94 L. Durrant/C. Gascoyne D. Farrall/N. Farrall
1994-95 C. Gascoyne/A. Gascoyne J. MaCdonald/C. Stones
1995-96 R. Eyre/T. Rushton J. Clarke/P. Eyre
1996-97 J. Staff/T. Wesley D. Tweed/R. Wesley
1997-98 T. Wesley/R. Wesley D. Wesley/D. Tweed
1998-99 G. Yardley/M. Layfield P. Gascoyne/B. Jones
2008-09 M. Lemon/D. Rix D. Piper/T. Emmerson
2009-10 John Maher/James Maher D. Piper/J. Tarr
2010-11 K. McIntosh/M. Williams A. Kirkland/J. Kirkland
2011-12 J. Kirkland/M. Williams J. Tarr/M. Mudd
2012-13 J. Reay/M. Turner L. Comley/D. Cutts
2013-14 M. Riauba/O. Riauba K. Tutter/J. Tarr
2015-16 Shared between N. Houghton/J. Blood & D. Piper/C. Clemson
2016-17 I. Stallworthy/C. Bettley N. Stent/N. Fisher
2017-18 D. Marsh/D. Saul R. Rosser/A. Pinches
2018-19 R. Rosser/A. Pinches L. Linacre/D. Piper
2019-20 L. Linacre/P. Wendon C. Bettley/L. Barraclough
* Two divisions were merged for the Division 3 Doubles title either Division 2 with Division 3 or Division 3 with Division 4 (No records available on Division 4)

Over 40's Veterans Singles
1987-88 M. Hargreaves K. Bloomfield
1988-89 C. Deaton M. Vesey
1989-90 K. Bloomfield D. Piper
1990-91 S. Cox N. Davison
1991-92 M. Vesey K. Bloomfield
1992-93 M. Bell K. Bloomfield
1993-94 S. Needham M. Bell
1994-95 S. Needham C. Taylor
1995-96 S. Needham M. Bell
1996-97 G. Gill M. Vesey
1997-98 M. Vesey K. Monks
1998-99 A. Wilson P. Eyre
1999-00 P. Clarke M. Vesey
2000-01 P. Clarke D. Piper
2001-02 M. Bell J. Gazeley
2002-03 M. Bell D. Piper
2003-04 H. Knott D. Gascoyne
2004-05 Steve Walker D. Gascoyne
2005-06 D. Marsh P. Eyre
2006-07 J. Gazeley D. Marsh
2007-08 J. Gazeley L. Webster
2008-09 J. Gazeley Steve Walker
2009-10 M. Bell S. Fox
2010-11 P. Eyre A. Lee
2011-12 A. Lee P. Eyre
2012-13 C. Cattell J. Zygadlo
2013-14 S. Lyon K. Bhatt
2014-15 R. Harris D. Marsh
2015-16 E. Mpundu P. Hodgson
2016-17 E. Mpundu C. Cattell
2017-18 E. Mpundu C. Cattell
2018-19 E. Mpundu C. Cattell

Over 50's Veterans Singles
1997-98 D. Piper D. Richards
1998-99 A. Wilson D. Lee
1999-00 D. Piper A. Wilson
2000-01 D. Piper M. Tunningley
2001-02 M. Bell A. Wilson
2002-03 M. Bell D. Piper
2003-04 M. Bell D. Piper
2004-05 M. Bell A. Wilson
2005-06 M. Bell P. Eyre
2006-07 M. Bell A. Wilson
2007-08 J. Gazeley D. Gascoyne
2008-09 J. Gazeley D. Marsh
2009-10 S. Fox D. Marsh
2010-11 P. Eyre D. Capewell
2011-12 P. Eyre D. Capewell
2012-13 S. Lyon J. Zygadlo
2013-14 S. Lyon K. Bhatt
2014-15 S. Lyon M. Manuel
2015-16 M. Brooks M. Manuel
2016-17 S. Lyon S. Fox
2017-18 C. Cattell P. Eyre
2018-19 C. Cattell K. Bhatt

Over 60's Veterans Singles
2007-08 J. Tarr A. Wilson
2008-09 M. Bell D. Learad
2009-10 M. Bell A. Wilson
2010-11 A. Wilson J. Tarr
2011-12 D. Capewell D. Learad
2012-13 S. Lyon D. Capewell
2013-14 S. Lyon P. Eyre
2014-15 S. Lyon P. Linfield
2015-16 S. Lyon P. Eyre
2016-17 S. Lyon M. Fisher
2017-18 S. Lyon H. Osborne
2018-19 H. Osborne D. Marsh

Over 70's Veterans Singles
2017-18 M. Bell A. Wilson
2018-19 M. Bell A. Wilson

Handicap Singles - The Richard Hnat Sports Shield
1985-86 P. Mitchell P. Davison
1986-87 D. Ajeto P. Colbrook
1987-88 S. Harrison R. Whitehead
1988-89 M. Bartrop J. Gazeley
1989-90 G. Kemp P. Clarke
1990-91 M. Short S. Lee
1991-92 P. Colbrook M. Bartrop
1992-93 M. Bartrop A. Lee
1993-94 M. Short M. Bartrop
1994-95 C. Taylor S. Smith
1995-96 S. Needham C. Taylor
1996-97 T. Simpson P. Eyre
1997-98 M. Kenny T. Hughes
1998-99 A. Wilson S. Smith
1999-00 C. Cattell P. Clarke
2000-01 S. Smith L. Ripley
2001-02 L. Ripley M. Dodds
2002-03 C. Gascoyne D. Piper
2003-04 M. Dodds Sam Walker
2004-05 M. Dodds R. Wesley
2005-06 Sam Walker Steve Walker
2006-07 J. Thursby M. Stanfield
2007-08 J. Gazeley S. Perks
2008-09 T. Emmerson D. Gascoyne
2009-10 R. Wesley P. Eyre
2010-11 R. Wesley J. Else
2011-12 J. Kirkland D. Rix
2012-13 C. Eden K. Radford
2013-14 D. Cutts L. Dickinson
2014-15 T. McIntosh R. Element
2015-16 R. Element T. McIntosh
2016-17 N. Stent M. Sansom
2017-18 S. Fox Dave Marsh
2018-19 M. Sansom Dave Marsh

Plate Singles
1975-76 D. Wilson T. Thomas
1979-80 T. Brown D. Valente
1980-81 R. Brothwell B. Bateman
1981-82 G. Harris J. Davies
1982-83 H. Smith K. Hearnshaw
1983-84 M. Vesey C. Mokes
1984-85 I. Bailey K. Hearnshaw
1985-86 G. Stocks P. Fisher
1986-87 S. Cox G. Stocks
1987-88 R. Whitehead K. Bloomfield
1988-89 D. Gascoyne R. Whitehead
1989-90 P. Joyce C. Mokes
1990-91 G. Lee G. Garlick
1991-92 D. Piper S. Lee
1992-93 C. Taylor K. Monks
1993-94 G. Lee S. Smith
1994-95 P. Clarke M. Bartrop
1995-96 C. Taylor S. Lee
1996-97 J. Brown A. Lee
1997-98 M. Kenny M. Vesey
1998-99 A. Lee S. Lee
1999-00 A. Wilson K. Smith
2000-01 D. Piper L. Ripley
2001-02 T. Wesley A. Wilson
2002-03 D. Gascoyne S. Elkin
2003-04 M. Bell P. Eyre
2004-05 M. Bell D. Gascoyne
2005-06 Sam Walker A. Lee
2006-07 J. Thursby D. Marsh
2007-08 J. Gazeley S. Perks
2008-09 M. Bell D. Learad
2009-10 N. Stent P. Eyre
2010-11 A. Millward J. Macdonald
2011-12 P. Eyre M. Williams
2012-13 T. Emmerson D. Hodgkin
2013-14 A. Wilson A. Hamilton
2014-15 S. Elkin M. Williams
2015-16 S. Lyon H. Osbourne
2016-17 J. Kirkland A. Lee
2017-18 O. Riauba P. Hodgson
2018-19 M. Sansom B. Swain

Draw Doubles
1970-71 P. Spencer/K. North S. Cox/R. Wilcox
1972-73 P. Spencer/A. Brailsford P. Kenyon/B. Whitfield
1973-74 P. Kenyon/P. Spencer B. Baxter/T. Spooner
1974-75 P. Spencer/T. Brown P. Kenyon/B. Wesley
1975-76 P. Spencer/Parkin C. Mokes/K. Griffiths
1976-77 T. Moran/K. Griffiths B. Shippey/A. Evans
1977-78 A. Evans/C. Judson B. Bateman/C. Mokes
1978-79 S. Green/B. Bateman M. Bell/C. Mokes
1979-80 J. Lenthall/B. Bateman P. Wakefield/P. Eyre
1980-81 N. Linfield/P. Clarke I. Bailey/G. Stocks
1981-82 A. Wass/P. Clarke B. Bateman/P. Allison
1982-83 M. Bartrop/H. Smith B. Fretwell/A. Parkin
1983-84 P. Clarke/M. Tunningley M. Bartrop/P. Allison
1984-85 P. Clarke/K. Hearnshaw M. York/M. Vesey
1985-86 P. Clarke/M. Bartrop D. Ajeto/P. Mitchell
1986-87 D. Ajeto/P. Mitchell N. Davison/P. Colbrook
1987-88 J. Gazeley/A. Lee P. Woodward/G. Lee
1988-89 J. Gazeley/R. Barker S. Hooley/A. Lee
1989-90 J. Gazeley/M. Vesey S. Smith/S. Lee
1990-91 P. Davison/P. Colbrook D. Gascoyne/P. Fisher
1991-92 K. Bloomfield/D. Piper S. Smith/M. Vesey
1992-93 M. Bartrop/M.Bell S. Smith/S. Beeston
1993-94 M. Short/M. Bell D. Ajeto/S. Lee
1994-95 P. Clarke/G. Garlick S. Smith/A. Lee
1995-96 P. Clarke/S. Smith S. Lee/D. Gascoyne
1996-97 P. Simpson/C. Cattell L. Richards/M. Vesey
1997-98 M. Kenny/P. Wakefield M. Short/K. Smith
1998-99 T. Wesley/M. Bartrop C. Fowler/R. Hughes
1999-00 L. Richards/C. Cattell J. McClellan/T. Wesley
2000-01 S. Smith/G. White P. Clarke/A. Lee
2001-02 C. Gascoyne/T. Wesley P. Eyre/S. Elkin
2002-03 M. Bell/C. Gascoyne D. Marsh/D. Piper
2003-04 C. Gascoyne/R. Wesley S. Elkin/A. Lee
2004-05 C. Gascoyne/Sam Walker G. McLeod/J. Thursby
2005-06 S. Walker/M. Dodds R. Wesley/M. Bell
2006-07 M. Bell/D. Piper J. Gazeley/R. Smith
2007-08 A. Keyworth/J. Ramage J. Gazeley/P. Eyre
2008-09 M. Bell/N. Stent A. Lee/J. Gazeley
2009-10 R. Wesley/N. Stent T. Wesley/J. Zygadlo
2010-11 R. Wesley/J. Else M. Lemon/C. Shutt
2011-12 R. Wesley/M. Lemon P. Eyre/L. Dickinson
2012-13 R. Wesley/K. Bhatt T. Wesley/A. Millward
2013-14 R. Wesley/K. Bhatt J. Kirkland/L. Dickinson
2014-15 R. Element/A. Lee D. Marsh/K. Bhatt
2015-16 R. Element/K. Bhatt B. Swain/P. Hodgson
2016-17 P. Eyre/C. Cattell R. Harris/O. Riauba
2017-18 K. Lakhani/E. Mpundu P. Hodgson/H. Osborne
2018-19 R. Element/T. Emmerson J. Wormwell/K. Bhatt
2019-20 R. Element/E. Mpundu M. Fisher/O. Riauba

Ladies Singles
1984-85 G. Stocks K. Mayall
1985-86 K. Mayall A. Wass
1986-87 G. Stocks K. Mayall
1987-88 G. Stocks A. Wass
1988-89 N. Deaton C. Oldman
1990-91 S. Smith J. Bochenski
1991-92 S. Smith J. Bochenski
1992-93 S. Smith (Walk Over)
1993-94 S. Smith J. Ward
1994-95 S. Smith J. Ward
1995-96 S. Smith J. Ward
1996-97 S. Smith J. Ward
1997-98 S. Smith J. Drew
1998-99 S. Smith J. Drew
1999-00 S. Smith J. Garlick
2000-01 S. Smith J. Garlick
2001-02 L. Ripley C. Ripley
2002-03 S. Perks C Ripley
2003-04 L. Durrant S. Perks
2004-05 S. Short S. Perks
2005-06 S. Short J. Drew
2006-07 S. Perks R. Smith
2007-08 S. Perks L. Dickinson
2008-09 S. Perks L. Dickinson
2009-10 L. Dickinson J. Drew
2011-12 I. Ashley L. Dickinson
2012-13 K. Radford A. Zygadlo
2013-14 J. Budworth L. Dickinson
2014-15 L. Dickinson (Walk Over)
2018-19 K. McIntyre I. Saul

The Sam Walker Junior Singles Trophy
1984-85 K. Mayall S. Lee
1985-86 K. Mayall S. Harrison
1986-87 P. Davison S. Harrison
1987-88 S. Harrison P. Davison
1988-89 P. Davison N. Deaton
1989-90 P. Joyce P. Davison
1990-91 P. Davison S. Smith
1991-92 S. Smith A. Slater
1992-93 S. Smith G. Evans
1993-94 G. Evans A. Beeston
1994-95 C. Gascoyne G. Evans
1995-96 C. Gascoyne J. Williams
1996-97 T. Simpson M. Kenny
1997-98 M. Kenny C. Gascoyne
1998-99 T. Hughes A. Gascoyne
1999-00 R. Wesley M. Stanton
2000-01 R. Wesley T. Wesley
2001-02 M. Dodds P. Gibbons
2002-03 R. Wesley T. Wesley
2003-04 R. Wesley M. Dodds
2004-05 R. Wesley M. Dodds
2005-06 M. Dodds Sam Walker
2006-07 Damien Piper J. Thursby
2007-08 Sam Walker A. Keyworth
2008-09 Sam Walker A. Keyworth
2009-10 L. Dickinson No Runner Up
2010-11 K. McIntosh J. Kirkland
2011-12 I. Ashley T. Emmerson
2012-13 P. Cowburn S. Johnson
2013-14 P. Cowburn T. McIntosh
2014-15 T. McIntosh K. McIntosh
2015-16 T. McIntosh O. Riauba
2016-17 V. Riauba O. Riauba
2017-18 V. Riauba G. Makrakis
2018-19 O. Riauba M. Riauba

Cadet Singles - George Hall Memorial Shield
1985-86 P. Davison G. Lee
1986-87 P. Davison D. Richardson
1987-88 P. Davison P. Joyce
1988-89 N. Deaton S. Smith
1989-90 S. Smith T. Hatton
1990-91 T. Hatton D. Folger
1992-93 G. Evans T. Richardson
1993-94 G. Evans L. Durrant
1994-95 C. Gascoyne L. Durrant
1995-96 C. Gascoyne M. Kenny
1996-97 M. Kenny T. Wesley
1997-98 M. Kenny T. Hughes
1998-99 A. Edwards A. Gascoyne
1999-00 R. Wesley T. Wesley
2000-01 R. Wesley P. Gibbons
2001-02 M. Dodds P. Gascoyne
2002-03 M. Dodds S. Perks
2003-04 M. Dodds Damian Piper
2004-05 M. Dodds P. Johnson
2005-06 A. Keyworth Sam Walker
2006-07 J. Thursby Adrian Lee
2007-08 Sam Walker A. Keyworth
2008-09 Sam Walker A. Keyworth
2009-10 L. Dickinson O. Shutt
2010-11 O. Shutt C. Shutt
2011-12 K. McIntosh O. Shutt
2012-13 T. McIntosh K. McIntosh
2013-14 T. McIntosh J. Kirkland
2014-15 T. McIntosh M. Mudd
2015-16 T. McIntosh M. Riauba
2017-18 R. Rosser M. Candy
2018-19 A. Pinches R. Rosser

Boys Under 12's Singles
1998-99 R. Wesley G. Yardley
1999-00 R. Wesley G. White
2000-01 M. Dodds Damien Piper
2003-04 Sam Walker O. Titterington
2004-05 Sam Walker J. Thursby
2005-06 Sam Walker J. Thursby
2006-07 O. Pingree L. Linacre
2007-08 O. Pingree O. Shutt
2008-09 O. Pingree O. Shutt
2009-10 O. Shutt K. Mcintosh
2010-11 O. Shutt K. McIntosh
2011-12 T. McIntosh N. Langley
2012-13 T. McIntosh L. Comley
2013-14 T. McIntosh J. Nelson

Boys Under 12's Singles
1998-99 R. Wesley G. Yardley
1999-00 R. Wesley G. White
2000-01 M. Dodds Damien Piper
2003-04 Sam Walker O. Titterington
2004-05 Sam Walker J. Thursby
2005-06 Sam Walker J. Thursby
2006-07 O. Pingree L. Linacre
2007-08 O. Pingree O. Shutt
2008-09 O. Pingree O. Shutt
2009-10 O. Shutt K. Mcintosh
2010-11 O. Shutt K. McIntosh
2011-12 T. McIntosh N. Langley
2012-13 T. McIntosh L. Comley
2013-14 T. McIntosh J. Nelson

Girls Under 12's Singles
1998-99 A. Edwards L. Ripley
1999-00 S. Perks A. Barnett
2000-01 S. Perks N. White
2004-05 E. Marks H. Maddock
2005-06 E. Marks H. Maddock
2006-07 L. Dickinson L. Morris
2007-08 L. Dickinson R. Overton

Boys Under 10's Singles
1998-99 P. Gascoyne D. Brown
2000-01 G. Tracey A. Oliffe
2003-04 Sam Walker J. Thursby
2004-05 Sam Walker O. Titterington
2005-06 M. Williams C. Shutt
2006-07 O. Shutt C. Shutt
2007-08 O. Shutt G. Agnew
2008-09 O. Shutt K. Mcintosh

Girls Under 10's Singles
1999-00 N. White A. Barnett
2004-05 L. Dickinson M. Berridge
2005-06 L. Dickinson L. Morris
2006-07 R. Overton B. Scott
2007-08 A. Walker A. Myers
2009-10 L. Williams (Walk Over)

Player Of The Year Winner - The Norman Davison Award
1987-88 P. Joyce
1988-89 S. Smith
1989-90 K. Bloomfield
1990-91 P. Clarke
1991-92 M. Bartrop
1992-93 S. Moore
1993-94 G. Evans
1994-95 S. Harrison
1995-96 M. Bartrop
1996-97 S. Smith
1997-98 M. Short
1998-99 S. Smith
1999-00 S. Smith
2000-01 R. Wesley
2001-02 C. Gascoyne
2002-03 C. Gascoyne
2003-04 P. Eyre
2004-05 Steve Walker
2005-06 S. Short
2006-07 Damien Piper
2007-08 Sam Walker
2008-09 Sam Walker
2009-10 R. Wesley
2010-11 R. Wesley
2011-12 I. Ashley
2012-13 P. Cowburn
2013-14 Steve Walker
2014-15 R. Element
2015-16 E. Mpundu
2016-17 R. Element
2017-18 G. Stent
2018-19 R. Element

Junior Player Of The Year Winners - Norman Davison Memorial Award
1990-00 R. Wesley
2000-01 S. Perks
2001-02 T. Wesley
2002-03 R. Wesley
2003-04 S. Perks
2004-05 Sam Walker
2005-06 Sam Walker
2006-07 Damien Piper
2007-08 Sam Walker
2008-09 Sam Walker
2009-10 L. Dickinson
2010-11 K. McIntosh
2011-12 T. McIntosh
2012-13 T. McIntosh
2013-14 P. Cowburn
2014-15 T. McIntosh
2015-16 T. McIntosh
2016-17 V. Riauba
2017-18 T. McIntosh
2018-19 O. Riauba

Best Beginner Award Winners
1989-90 M. Short
1990-91 M. Holloway
1991-92 H. Patel
1992-93 T. Richardson
1993-94 C. Gascoyne
1994-95 J. McDonald
1995-96 R. Eyre
1996-97 M. Lemon
1997-98 T. Corbyn
1998-99 N. White
1999-00 M. Dodds
2000-01 D. Piper
2001-02 A. Oliffe
2002-03 R. Smith
2003-04 S. Walker
2004-05 C.Tindle
2005-06 A. Lee
2006-07 L. Dickinson
2007-08 O. Shutt
2008-09 T. Emmerson
2009-10 J. Kirkland
2010-11 G. Scott
2011-12 A. Coupe
2012-13 D. Cutts
2013-14 O. Riauba
2014-15 A. Agnew
2015-16 P. Jordan
2016-17 D. Saul
2017-18 P. Bradford
2018-19 A. Mocan

Most Improved Player Award Winners
1989-90 M. Short
1990-91 T. Hatton
1991-92 P. Colbrook
1992-93 N. Farrall
1993-94 J. Lowde
1994-95 L. Durrant
1995-96 C. Gascoyne
1996-97 S. Edwards
1997-98 R. Wesley
1998-99 P. Eyre
1999-00 S. Perks
2000-01 M. Dodds
2001-02 L. Ripley
2002-03 M. Dodds
2003-04 M. Dodds
2004-05 J. Thursby
2005-06 J. Thursby
2006-07 J. Thursby
2007-08 O. Pingree
2008-09 L. Dickinson
2009-10 T. Moore
2010-11 P. Cowburn
2011-12 T. Emmerson
2012-13 K. Tutter
2013-14 A. Hamilton
2014-15 L. Dickinson
2015-16 G. Makrakis
2016-17 C. Bettley
2017-18 V. Riauba
2018-19 G. Makrakis

Sporting Award Winners - Tommy Brown Trophy
1983-84 Batchelors C
1984-85 Sports Centre A
1985-86 Carlton Youth Club
1986-87 Bassetlaw Hospital
1987-88 Abbey Youth Club
1988-89 Abbey Youth Club C
1989-90 Glass Bulbs
1990-91 Glass Bulbs
1991-92 Rhodesia Youth Club
1992-93 Rockware B
1993-94 Sports Centre A
1994-95 Ranby Prison
1995-96 Carlton Rovers
1996-97 Fire Station B
1997-98 Fire Station A
1998-99 Fire Station C
1999-00 Redlands D
2000-01 Carlton Rovers
2001-02 Priory Carpets A
2002-03 Manton C
2003-04 Rhodesia B
2004-05 Fire Station C
2005-06 Rockware B
2006-07 Manton Tigers
2007-08 Rhodesia Tigers
2008-09 Global Marble
2009-10 MBE
2010-11 Centre For Sport
2011-12 Ryton Park Dragons
2012-13 Redlands Rascals
2013-14 Ryton Park Dragons
2014-15 Ryton Park Cougars
2015-16 Stanley Street Cypriots
2016-17 Redlands Tarr Babies
2017-18 The Real Deal
2018-19 Sparken Hill Nightingales

Youth Team Performance Award Winner
1987-88 Carlton YC B
1988-89 Carlton YC G
1989-90 Not awarded
1990-91 Wellow House School
1991-92 Rhodesia YC
1992-93 Redlands B
1993-94 Rhodesia B
1994-95 Redlands Boys U11's
1995-96 Redlands C
1996-97 Rhodesia D
1997-98 Fire Station Blazers
1998-99 Redlands B
1999-00 Redlands A
2000-01 Redlands D
2001-02 Wksop Nat Junior Team
2002-03 Rhodesia
2003-04 Rhodesia A
2004-05 Redlands Nat Team
2005-06 DTH Redlands Juniors
2006-07 Ryton Park Dragons
2007-08 Ryton Park Dragons
2008-09 Redlands School Boys
2009-10 Redlands School
2018-19 Redlands Girls U 11's

Betty Knowles Memorial Trophy
2006 John McClellan
2007 Mike Tunningley
2008 Tommy Brown
2009 John Lowde
2010 Andy Lee
2011 Mike Tunningley
2012 Steve Walker
2013 Glyn Williams
2014 Dave Lee
2015 David Hooton
2017 Rob Vaughan
2019 Dave Lee

Table Tennis England Maurice Goldstein Merit Award
1988 Norman Davison
1993 Paul Clarke
2000 Tommy Brown
2004 Mike Tunningley

Retford Inter Town Trophy
1986 Retford
1987 Worksop
1988 Worksop
1989 Worksop
1991 Worksop
1992 Drawn
1995 Worksop
1998 Worksop
2005 Worksop
2006 Retford

Mansfield Inter Town Trophy
2001 Worksop
2002 Worksop
2003 Worksop
2004 Worksop
2005 Worksop