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Please find below the first round draw for this season's Carnation Cup to be played at Sparken Hill on Wednesday the 6th of November with a 7.00pm start.
K. Lakhani/I. Saul v L. Linacre/G. Stent
J. Reay/J. Collins v D. Saul/K. McIntyre
M. Sansom/N. Sievewright v M. Bloomer/J. McIntyre
A. Kirkland/H. Holland v A. Vinson/M. Candy
Dean Marsh/G. Gillgrass
C. Bettley/D. Lee
P. Eyre/T. Ogley
M. Cooper/L. Barraclough


To enter this year's DTH Senior Doubles please e-mail
To be eligible you have to be over the age of 21 years of age on the 1st of July 2019.
The date for this year's competition is Tuesday the 26th of November at Sparken Hill with a 7.00pm prompt start.
If there is an odd number of entries then the last person to enter the competition will be left out.
The deadline for entries is Saturday the 16th of Novemeber.


It has come to light that several teams are turning up after 7.00pm then expecting to and having a lengthy knock which is having the knock on effect of matches not getting underway until gone 7.30pm which is not acceptable.
Matches are supposed to commence at 7.00pm and 7.00pm is not the time for players to actually arrive at!
We are mindful that some players due to work committments etc. cannot make the 7.00pm start time but teams should have at least one player ready to start the match at 7.00pm.
If a player turns up late then he or she cannot expect to then have a 10 minute knock with one of their own team mates and should only have the allotted 2 minute knock with their opponent.
May I also take this opportunity to also remind players of Rule 8d in the handbook:
'All matches should commence no later than 7.00 p.m. unless other times be mutually agreed.  Any team not having at least one of its
members ready to commence play at the agreed time may forfeit the match and the points may be awarded to the opposition.
The remaining team members must arrive in time to play their games in the order of the scorecard unless prior arrangements have been mutually agreed by both teams'.


Please note that the date for this year's DTH Senior Doubles has been moved to Tuesday the 26th of November and that the Carnation Cup that was due to take place on that night has been moved to Wednesday the 27th of November.
Both competitions take place at Sparken Hill.
Can the players that have already entered the DTH Senior Doubles please e-mail me again to let me know that they still want to enter on the new date.


Please note that the contact details in the handbook for Stanley Street are incorect and they are as follows:
General Secretary: Peter Eyre, 90, Kilton Hill, Worksop S81 0AZ
Tel: 01909 500597


Our thanks go to Andy Kirkland who has offered to play for Sparken Hill Starlings which will now allow them to fulfill their fixtures for the rest of the season.
Andy's transfer from Clowne 'C' to the Starlings is with immediate effect.


A reminder that the deadline to enter this season's Carnation Cup is Saturday the 19th of October.
Entries should be e-mailed to Andy Kirkland at


Division One side Sparken Hill Starlings are really struggling for players and are having to play players up from the divisions below every week.
If anyone knows of any Division One standard players in other leagues that may want to play in our league then please let Andy Lee know as it may prevent him from having to pull his team out.


Please find below the draw for the Mike Tunningley Handicap Shield
First Round - Week Commencing 21st October

Worksop Welfare Snipers v Sparken Hill Robins
Worksop Welfare Harriers 'A' v Sparken Hill Woodpeckers
Carlton X-Youth v Worksop Welfare Real Deal
Second Round - Week Commencing 16th December
Clowne 'A' v Sparken Hill Eagles
Worksop Welfare Snipers or Sparken Hill Robins v Sparken Hill Blue Jays
Manton Sports v Carlton X-Youth or Worksop Welfare Real Deal
Sparken Hill Pigeons v Manton Tigers
Worksop Welfare Harriers 'B' v Clowne 'C'
Sparken Hill Falcons v Clowne 'B'
Worksop Welfare Harriers 'A' or Sparken Hill Woodpeckers v Sparken Hill Hawks
Sparken Hill Nightingales v Worksop Welfare Harriers 'C'The sealed envelopes with the handicap points in them will be sent out in due course and just a reminder that they are not to opened until after the match has finished.


Despite the season having already started we have had another team apply to join Division Three which in the interests of the league, the Committee have quite rightly agreed to.
The team is Sparken Hill Robins and there home night will be on Wednesday and the captain will be Andy Lee.
Andy Lee will be contacting the Captains of the opposing teams that should have already have played some fixtures to re-arrange those matches.
In addition, the Committee have also taken the decision to allow some leeway for the new teams to re-arrange those fixtures without being fined to allow them to catch up.
In regards to the Division Three fixture list I will have to remove all the existing results, add in the new team and then add back in the results so the Division Three table, fixtures, averages etc. may not be correct for a few hours until it’s completed.
Can all players in Division Three make sure that their Captains know of the new team and that they check the new fixture list once completed.