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Further to my previous post I would like to to clarify that the Doubles final cannot be played due to the covid-19 restrictions.
Furthermore, no spectators are allowed with the only exemption being that one parent of a Junior, who will be required to wear a mask whilst in the hall.
With this in mind and having players in bubbles of 6. We are going to play the finals on 2 tables.

From 7.20 the following matches will be played on the following table:

Table 1
7.20pm - Cadet Singles - L. Hyde v E. Shevill
7.40pm - Handicap Singles - Luke Hyde v Farrel Anthony
8.00pm - Junior Singles - E. Shevill v H. Holland

Table 2
7.20pm - Over 70's Singles - I. Henderson v S. Lyon
7.40pm - Division Two Singles - S. Elkin v S. Hooley
8.00pm - 18-40 Singles - M. Radford v E. Skels

Please note players who are waiting to play will be expected to wear a mask.
Thank you for your support.


The second Finals Night that has been carried over from last season will now be played on Thursday the 29th of October.
Due to the restrictions on us because of Covid 19, if a player cannot make this date then unfortunately the match will be awarded to their opponent.
The finals will be held at Barnby Memorial Hall, High Street, Blyth, Worksop S81 8EW

Thursday 29th October
Time        Final
7.20pm - Cadet Singles - L. Hyde v E. Shevill
7.40pm - Over 70's Singles - I. Henderson v S. Lyon
8.00pm - Division Two Singles - S. Elkin v S. Hooley
8.20pm - Junior Singles - E. Shevill v H. Holland
8.40pm - Handicap Singles - Luke Hyde v Farrel Anthony
9.00pm - 18-40 Singles - M. Radford v E. Skels
9.20pm - Division Two Doubles - I. Henderson & A. Wilson v S. Hooley & M. Bloomer


As many of you know, Kay Wilson is no longer able to run the Saturday Club at Worksop Leisure Centre due to ill health.
Rather than let the Saturday Club just fold and lose a great practice facility, the league are asking for someone to run it.
If anyone is prepared to take it on, either an individual or a few players then please e-mail me at 


The 2020/2021 season will commence week commencing the 2nd of November.
We have received registrations from a total of 17 teams (with potentially one more team to come), which under the circumstances is a fabulous entry.
The structure of the divisions will be 6 teams in three divisions, playing each other three times.
If there any other teams that would still like to register then we have extended the deadline until Tuesday night.
Contact me at 


If there any players out there that haven't got themselves a team sorted out for the new season that starts in November then please shout up!
There are teams that have registered for the new season that are looking for players for their squad so please do message me as we will get a team for every player that wants to play.
E-mail me at 


A reminder that the new 2020/21 league season will start week commencing the 2nd of November.
Of course each club will have to adhere to the advise about Covid 19 that Table Tennis England have published on their website (link below) which includes social distancing, cleaning of the balls etc and also the requirement of ensuring that Track and Trace is used on match nights.

There will be no doubles played in any matches so therefore the only Cup Competition that will be played will be the Mike Tunningley Handicap Shield.As usual you must have a valid TTE Individual Membership to be able to play in the Worksop League.If you have any questions about Covid 19 within table tennis then Kathy McIntyre has kindly agreed to be the League's Covid Officer and all questions relating to playing should be directed to Kathy 
All teams must be registered with myself no later than Saturday the 26th of September but could I urge team Captains to do it as early as possible please and don't forget that there will be no Worksop League Registration fee this year, the only cost will be your Table Tennis England Individual Membership.
An announcement regarding the Finals Night and Masters competitions from last season will follow shortly.


The 2nd Finals Night and Masters Competition which have been held over from last season will both be played in October with a date to be announced.

Just thought I would keep everyone up to date with the League's plans for starting to play table tennis again.
In regards to actually starting the league season, we have no plans to start the league season until October at the earliest, even if permission is given from the Government and Table Tennis England.
If players and clubs want to start to practice from the 25th of July then that is up to individuals and clubs themselves, again guided by the advice from Table Tennis England which can be found on their website and is updated regularly.
A further e-mail will be sent out in early August inviting teams to register for the new season so that we are in a position to start if the go ahead is given.

Thank you to everyone who took the time out to vote on the AGM proposals that were sent out via e-mail.
26 people replied and below are the results of the voting:

Rule Amendment – Rule 8b. Please vote Option 1, 2 or3
Review the scoring system of 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw 
Option 1 - remain as is received 5 votes
Option 2 - 1 point for each game won, so therefore you win 8-2 you get 8 points and the opposition get 2 received 18 votes
Option 3 – There would be 4 points available per match and would be split accordingly
Win 10-0, 9-1, 8-2 - Winner team gets 4 points, losing team get 0, Win 7-3 & 6-4 - Winner gets 3 points, losing team get 1, Draw 5-5 - Both teams get 2 points each received 3 votes
Please note that whichever of the three proposals is carried forward it may well be the case that because of the Covid 19 social distancing there may be no doubles played in matches so a draw will not be possible unless a team turns up with 2 players and rule 7f will then come into force.
Option 2 carried forward

Rule Amendment – 6b. Please vote Yes or No
Playing Up In A Higher Division
To change from 4 times to 10 times before being tied to the higher team.
Yes received 16 votes
No received 8 votes
people didn't vote
Playing up 10 times carried forward

League Registration Fees 2020/21 – Please vote Yes or No
Due to the fact that the League haven't spent money on equipment this year, mainly due to the Covid 19 situation, the proposal is to waiver the Worksop League Registration fee for the 2020/21 season as we have the funds to do so.
Yes received 22 votes
No received 1 vote
3 people didn't vote
League Registration wavered for 2020-21 season carried forward

Presentation Night – Please vote Yes or No
The proposal is to present trophies for the 2019/20 season and the 2020/21 season on the same night next May. There would be no quiz or raffle but there would still be a hot buffet.
Yes received 23 votes
people didn't vote
Two Presentation Nights on one night carried forward

Election Of League Officials – Please vote Yes or No
It is proposed to re-elect all the current Committee Members en bloc.
Yes received 22 votes
1 person abstained
3 people didn't vote
Committee re-elected en bloc

Mark Bloomer has asked if we can still play the Finals of all the Cup Competitions before the start of next season.
The Committee had already agreed to hold the 2nd Finals Night and The Masters Competition but the Divisional Trophy and Mike Tunningley Shield competitions will not be played.

Our appeal for more people to join the Committee to help out fell on deaf ears I'm afraid and not to put it too bluntly, many of our Committee Members have done a fabulous job over the many years they have been involved but they aren't getting any younger and we NEED more people to come forward as more and more is being put on the current committee members and they can only do so much so if you can spare a few hours once a month then please do e-mail me as our league doesn't run itself!


A reminder that tomorrow is the last date that players can vote on the proposals for this year's AGM that I e-mailed out two weeks ago.