Summer League Fixtures

All Matches To Be Played At Worksop Leisure Centre
7.00pm Start - No Matches Can Be Re-Arranged
Mike Tunningley Division Teams 

The Quiet Ones
The Forever Hopefuls
Real Time
Odd Bats
Three Generations
Mike Tunningley Division Fixtures
14th May
The Quiet Ones v Ninjas
Fitbits v Oddbats
The Forever Hopefuls v Real Time
Blank Week - Three Generations
28th May
Real Time v Fitbits
Oddbats v The Quiet Ones
Ninjas v Three Generations
Blank Week - The Forever Hopefuls
11th June
Fitbits v Three Generations
The Forever Hopefuls v Ninjas
Real Time v Oddbats
Blank Week - The Quiet Ones
25th June
Oddbats v The Forever Hopefuls
Ninjas v Fitbits
Three Generations v The Quiet Ones
Blank Week - Real Time
9th July
The Forever Hopefuls v The Quiet Ones
Real Time v Three Generations
Oddbats v Ninjas
Blank Week - Fitbits
23rd July

Ninjas v Real Time
Three Generations v The Forever Hopefuls
The Quiet Ones v Fitbits
Blank Week - Oddbats
6th August
Three Generations v Oddbats
The Quiet Ones v Real Time
Fitbits v The Forever Hopefuls
Blank Week - Ninjas
20th August
Semi Finals & Final at Worksop Leisure Centre

Tommy Brown Division Teams
Nets N Edges
The Malkan Twins
The Nutty Knockers
Real Deal
Billy No Mates
3 Men & A Little Lady
Tommy Brown Division Fixtures
21st May
Nets N Edges v Billy No Mates
The Malkan Twins v Codswallop
Tthe Nutty Knockers v Real Deal
Blank Week - 3 Men & A Little Lady
4th June
Real Deal v Malkan Twins
Codswallop v Nets N Edges
Billy No Mates v 3 Men & A Little Lady
Blank Week - The Nutty Knockers
18th June
The Malkan Twins v 3 Men & A Little Lady
The Nutty Knockers v Billy No Mates
Real Deal v Cosdwallop
Blank Week - Nets N Edges
2nd July
Codswallop v Nutty Knockers
Billy No Mates v Malkan Twins
3 Men & A Little Lady v Nets N Edges
Blank Week - Real Deal
16th July
The Nutty Knockers v Nets N Edges
Real Deal v 3 Men & A Little Lady
Codswallop v Billy No Mates
Blank Week - The Malkan Twins
30th July
Billy No Mates v Real Deal
3 Men & A Little Lady v The Nutty Knockers
Nets N Edges v The Malkan Twins
Blank Week - Codswallop
13th August
3 Men & A Little Lady v Codswallop
Nets N Edges v Real Deal
The Malkan Twins v The Nutty Knockers
Blank Week - Billy No Mates
20th August
Semi Finals & Final at Worksop Leisure Centre