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Please find below the draw for the Mike Tunningley Handicap Shield
First Round - Week Commencing 21st October

Worksop Welfare Snipers v Sparken Hill Robins
Worksop Welfare Harriers 'A' v Sparken Hill Woodpeckers
Carlton X-Youth v Worksop Welfare Real Deal
Second Round - Week Commencing 16th December
Clowne 'A' v Sparken Hill Eagles
Worksop Welfare Snipers or Sparken Hill Robins v Sparken Hill Blue Jays
Manton Sports v Carlton X-Youth or Worksop Welfare Real Deal
Sparken Hill Pigeons v Manton Tigers
Worksop Welfare Harriers 'B' v Clowne 'C'
Sparken Hill Falcons v Clowne 'B'
Worksop Welfare Harriers 'A' or Sparken Hill Woodpeckers v Sparken Hill Hawks
Sparken Hill Nightingales v Worksop Welfare Harriers 'C'The sealed envelopes with the handicap points in them will be sent out in due course and just a reminder that they are not to opened until after the match has finished.


Despite the season having already started we have had another team apply to join Division Three which in the interests of the league, the Committee have quite rightly agreed to.
The team is Sparken Hill Robins and there home night will be on Wednesday and the captain will be Andy Lee.
Andy Lee will be contacting the Captains of the opposing teams that should have already have played some fixtures to re-arrange those matches.
In addition, the Committee have also taken the decision to allow some leeway for the new teams to re-arrange those fixtures without being fined to allow them to catch up.
In regards to the Division Three fixture list I will have to remove all the existing results, add in the new team and then add back in the results so the Division Three table, fixtures, averages etc. may not be correct for a few hours until it’s completed.
Can all players in Division Three make sure that their Captains know of the new team and that they check the new fixture list once completed.


A reminder that you must have a valid Table Tennis England Membership and have paid your Worksop League Registration Fee to be eligible to play in our league.
One team have already fell fowl of this rule and had a 10-0 victory turned into a 7-3 loss because two of their players had not paid their Worksop Registration Fee!


As per the new rule at this year's AGM you can now opt out of playing in the Mike Tunningley Handicap Shield competition.
With the above in mind can team captain's please e-mail me if they DO NOT wish to enter the competition.
The deadline for letting me know is next Saturday the 14th of September and if I haven't had a reply by then stating that you DO NOT wish to enter then you will be entered into the competition.


Just wanted to wish everyone good luck in the new season that commences this upcoming week.
A reminder that you can take a photo of the scorecard and e-mail it me to
I would prefer them e-mailing rather than What’s Apping as I have to then e-mail them to myself to be able to print them off and when I am getting 8 or 9 cards What’s Apped to me each week it can take a fair bit of faffing to do.
I also wanted to point out that there are STILL 15 players that have yet to renew their Table Tennis England Membership and if any of those players play in a match their individual results will not count and it may affect the result.
Good luck to all.


The report on Tuesday night's Hard Bat Competition can now be found on the Match Reports page on the League's website.


The Hard Bat competition took place last night which culminated in a fabulous final which went right down to the last point which Peter Eyre won to give him a 31-30 win over last year's winner Jack Kirkland.
Congratulations to both players on a great final.
Every result from last night can now be found on the Cup Competitions page on the website.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the players that took part with the biggest thank you going to Nigel and Fiona Stent for doing such a fabulous job of running the event, it really is appreciated.


If there are players that has entered tomorrow night's Hard Bat Competition at Worksop Leisure Centre but cannot now make it for whatever reason, please let me know ASAP please.
For logistical reasons, I'd much rather know today trhan someone not just turn up.
Can you all make sure that you have paid your Worksop League Registration fee plus have a valid England Table Tennis Membership as you will not be allowed to play without both.


A reminder that teams can collect their handbooks and scorecards tomorrow night (27th of August) from Worksop Leisure Centre from 6.45pm.


A reminder to all players that to be eligible to play in the Worksop League you will need a valid Table Tennis England Membership Number.
Please find below the link to renew or purchase your Table Tennis England Membership.